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Wife of Titanic Victim Strews Then Near Scene of Wreck

New York Times

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When the Cunarder Carmania was in latitude 39.16, longitude 50.14 West, the nearest she approached to the place where the Titanic foundered, Mrs. J. H. Loring, a first-cabin passenger, whose husband was lost on the Titanic, went up on the bridge by permission of Capt. Dow, and threw a large wreath of roses and lilies into the water in memory of her husband. She also threw handfuls of cut flowers which she had brought expressly from England in the cooling chamber attached to the ship’s refrigerator.

Mrs. Loring had asked the Captain to let her know when the Carmania passed the nearest point to the scene of the disaster, on the same meridian of longitude, but, of course, many miles south of the spot. He sent a steward to notify her. It was just after the passengers had gone into the saloon to dinner, and there were few people on deck to witness her grief. She was accompanied by a special stewardess, owing to her weak state of health, and Eric H. Rose, a partner of her late husband in the London stock brokerage firm known as Rose, Van Custen & Co.

Mr. Rose said that his partner had intended sailing on the Carmania on her last voyage from Liverpool, but had changed his mind at the last minute to go with his friend, George Rheims, on the Titanic. Mr. Rheims is a powerful swimmer and survived, but his friend could not swim a stroke.

Mrs. Loring’s father was Henri Wiencauski, the Polish violinist. Her husband was only 30 years old. She expects to return to England on the Carmania next Saturday.

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