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Two Baby Waifs Rescued From the Sunken Titanic.

When the steamship Carpathia, which picked up the survivors of the wrecked Titanic, came into the port of New York she carried two small French boy who nobody knew.  They were cared for by a Miss Hays of New York.  The children were mere babies. One four, the other a little over two years of age, and answered to the names Louis and Lolo.  They knew no other names.  The babies were found wrapped in a blanket in one of the Titanic's lifeboats.  According to the stories told by survivors, a man passed the children into the boat just as it was leaving the side of the ship.  Officers stepped forward to prevent his taking a place in the boat, but he declared he did not wish to go, asking that the children be taken.  They proved to be the sons of Mme. Navratil of Nice, France.  They had been taken away by their father, who probably perished on the Titanic.

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