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Bodies reach Boston

Four of those of Titanic victims, including Timothy McCarthy's, bought from Halifax.

Boston Globe

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Four of those of Titanic victims, including Timothy McCarthys, bought from Halifax.

The express from Portland is light at the North station at 9:05 last night having on board the bodies of for victims of the back of the steamship Titanic. The train came through from Halifax with nine bodies, five of which were put off at Portland for New York.

The bodies bought to Boston were those of Timothy McCarthy, 52 Nelson Street Dorchester, buyer for the Jordan Marsh company; Walter C. Porter of Worcester, C.C. Jones of Bennington, Vt. And E.C. Ostby of Providence.

Not more than 100 persons were at the station waiting for the arrival of the train. For undertakers' wagons were waiting, and as soon as the train stopped the bodies were claimed.

Representatives of the Jordan Marsh company were present in the interests of the body of Mr McCarthy, Walter Hilliard, brother of Herbet Hilliard, also a travelling agent of the company, who went down in the wreck, accompanied the body to this city. He said that J.V.Finn, who was sent to Halifax, had decided to remain there until the arrival of the cane cable steamer Nia in the hope that she may possibly have on board the body of Mr Hilliard. Mr Hilliard was also accompanied by L.Chase, son-in-law of Mr Hilliard.

Waldo E.sessions of Worcester came through with the body of Mr Porter. The coffin was placed a board and undertakers wagon and transferred to the South Station and taken to Worcester.

Dr J.H.Donnelly of Hoosie[?], N.Y., came back with the body of a C.C.Jones of Bennington, Vt. The body was taken in charge by Boston undertakers and will be taken to Bennington on an early train today

The body of E.C.Ostby of Providence was accompanied by David Sutherland of that city. It also was taken to the rooms of Boston undertakers and will be sent through this morning.

It is expected that a large number of bodies will arrive in the city this morning from Halifax.

Funeral services for Mr McCarthy will be held at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning in Saint Matthew's Church, Stanton st, Dorchester.


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