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Former White Star man was survivor of Titanic disaster

Southern Evening Echo

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A Former White Star man who was a survivor of the Titanic disaster in April 1912, 81-years-old Mr. John Hardy, left Southampton for New York last night in U.S. Lines America after his first home visit in 18 years.

Mr. Hardy, who is now living at Providence, New Jersey, had spent a month at Southampton, from where he sailed many times during his 52 years at sea.

He stayed with his elder daughter, Mrs. C. Lister, at 88 Highfield Lane, Southampton, who with her 15 years-old son Jon saw him sail last night. Mr. Hardy met his grandson for the first time when he arrived here last month.

Born in London, Mr. Hardy spent most of his youth in Southampton, and went to sea at an early age. His early service was in the steward's department in White Star liners, and in 1912 he was appointed chief cabin class steward of the Titanic.
Jumped into the sea

Mr. Hardy recalled the disaster to the liner, which was regarded as unsinkable, when I saw him on board the America.

After he had retired to his room on the night of April 14-15. 1912, he heard passengers saying the liner had struck an iceberg. He regarded this as impossible as he had felt no impact, but shortly afterwards another member of the crew telephoned him and said the ship was making water.

With other members of the crew, Mr. Hardy worked getting the boats away. At the last moment he jumped into the sea and was hauled into a boat in which there were about 40 other people.

From the life boat Mr. Hardy saw the Titanic plunge down bow first. At 8am the next day he was rescued by the old Cunarder Carpathia, which had answered the Titanic's SOS.

Other White Star ships in which Mr. Hardy served were the Majestic, Celtic, Teutonic, Adriatic and Olympic. After the First World War, in which he served in hospital ships and transports, he transferred to American liners, in several of which he was chief steward.

Mr. Hardy retired from U.S. Lines in 1936.

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