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Four women who were rescued from the Titanic passed through this city on their way to their Western homes.  They were: Mrs. H. F. Chaffee of Amenia, N. D.; whose husband was drowned; Mrs. Walter Clark of Los Angeles, who also lost her husband, and Mrs. Parrish and her daughter Viola, of Butte, Mont.

The women were bitter against the officials of the White Star Line, and Mrs. Chaffee declared that she would devote her life and fortune to an effort to bring punishment to the men she considers responsible for the wreck.

"Don't ask me what I think of him," Mrs. Chaffee cried through clenched teeth last night.  "I---I would not care to put my real thoughts in this connection into words.  I can tell  you this, however, that the utmost of criminal negligence was responsible for the disaster.

"Mr. Ismay and all of the ship's officers were aware that we were passing through the ice field. All of them talked about it, even at the tables.  When several of us passengers begged that the ship's terrible speed be reduced, all we received in answer were smiles.

"One of the few Titanic officers who were picked up by the Carpathia was the lookout who was on duty at the time we grounded on the berg.  This man told me that he sighted the iceberg in plenty of time to have reversed the engines and stopped the ship before the collision.

"'I signaled the bridge for a full stop.' he told me, 'but I received no response.  There was no one on the bridge at the time we struck.'"

Chicago American, Monday, April 22, 1912, p. 2, c. 2:



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