Frauenthal Leaves Estate to Hospital

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Bequeathing the bulk of his tangible property, valued at between $300,000 and $400,000, to the Hospital for Joint Diseases which he founded, the will of Dr. Henry W. Frauenthal also gives to its keeping his ashes, to be held in a vault until 1955, when the institution will be fifty years old, and then to be cast from the roof.

Dr. Frauenthal's will, dated Jan. 29, 1926, was filed in the Surrogate's Court yesterday. After leaving his personal effects to his wife, Mrs. Clara Frauenthal, and providing for several small bequests, it directs that the residuary estate be divided into four parts to be held in trust for his sister, Miss Carrie Frauenthal, and his three brothers, and on their successive deaths to be turned over to the hospital for the laboratory endowment fund.


The will makes no further provision for the widow.
While no explanation is made in the will, it was said yesterday that Mrs. Frauenthal is wealthy. Another sister, Miss Rose Frauenthal, is not provided for because, as the will explains, Dr. Frauenthal provided for her otherwise during his life.
Dr. Frauenthal's "faithful nurse," Miss Evelyn Robeson, will get $1000 a year for life under the will, and on her death $5000 of the principal of the fund, out of which the annuity is to be paid is to be used to endow a permanent bed in her memory. The balance is to revert to the residuary estate. Two other beds are endowed each with $5000 in memory of the testator's parents. The medical library and all of the apparatus and equipment owned by Dr. Frauenthal is given to the hospital.
"I direct and it is my wish," the will reads, "that my remains be cremated and that my ashes be deposited in the vault of the Hospital for Joint Diseases of the City of New York until October 4, 1955, it being the fiftieth anniversary of the incorporation of the said hospital, and then scattered from the roof of the hospital to the four winds."

$300,000 FUND IS URGED

Concerning the bequest of the residuary fund to the laboratory endowment fund of the hospital, the document says: "Should the remainder of my estate when received by the said laboratory endowment fund, as herein provided for, amount to less than $300,000, I request that the devise and bequest herein shall, if possible, be so utilized by the said laboratory endowment fund that it shall as soon as possible total $300,000, it being my desire that the said laboratory endowment fund shall at the earliest possible date be in the possession of a sum in the amount of at least $300,000.

"It being my wish and desire that the said devise and bequest shall be utilized by the said laboratory endowment fund so that there shall be established some permanent and distinctive memorial of my association with the Hospital for Joint Diseases of the City of New York ever since its inception, and of my constant interest and devotion."

The brothers, who with Miss Carrie Frauenthal, the sister, will inherit the income from the residuary estate, are Dr. Herman Frauenthal, Isaac G. Frauenthal and Isidor Frauenthal. Dr. Frauenthal's jewelry is given to Isaac and Dr. Herman Frauenthal and Lewis Straus and Joseph Meyers, to dispose of as they desire. Dr. Frauenthal's Summer place on Hemlock Island in the St. Lawrence River is bequeathed to Natalie F. Mayer, his foster-daughter. A $500 legacy is given to his chauffeur, Jefferson Brown.

The will appoints Isaac G. Frauenthal, Lewis Straus and the Manufacturer's Trust Company as executors, and provides that on the deaths of the first two the President and Treasurer of the hospital shall succeed them.

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