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Captain and Mrs. T. Hoskings (sic), 17, The Green, Shaldon, received a telegram yesterday from Mr. Bock (the former’s cousin), now in America, to the effect that he had travelled down to New York, 300 miles from his home, hoping to meet their son among the Carpathia’s rescued. The telegram was handed in at New York at 3.45, and ran:- ‘Went on board ‘Carpathia’, saw officer of ‘Titanic’ and captain of ‘Carpathia’, who informs me no engineers were saved. Mourn with you - Bock.’
Mr. George Fox Hoskings (sic) was the eldest son of the above named, and had been in the White Star Company’s service over ten years. He was second engineer in the Olympic at the time of the collision with H.M.S. Hawke, and from among many whom were his seniors he was selected for the Titanic to occupy the post of senior third engineer.
He was a very efficient and capable officer, and held in high esteem by the company, and was rising by promotion rapidly. Captain Hoskings (father) recently retired from a long connection with the mercantile marine, and had often boasted that he would yet see his son a captain of one of the company’s ships. He was 36 years of age, and has left a widow and three children, who reside at Hitching (sic), Southampton. Much sympathy is felt for Captain Hosking and family both at Teignmouth and Shaldon, where they are greatly respected.

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