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NEWTON, April 23---Persevering in the hope that Miss Annie Funk, formerly of Paterson, did not go down with the Titanic, Horace Funk, her brother, a teacher of the eleventh grade of the High School here, went to New York today to see if further information is available. Miss Funk, a missionary in India, was homeward bound on her first furlough in five years.

In the first list of passengers of the Titanic made public after the sinking of the ship there appeared the name, “Annie Fjunk.” In none of the subsequent lists, either of the lost or of the survivors, did this name appear, nor was there any other that might be construed as that of Miss Funk.

The brother, although expecting his sister on the Titanic, rests his hope on the possibility that she may have missed the ship or have postponed her sailing. It is known that she left Bombay, March 20, but further than this nothing certain of her itinerary has been received.

Before going to India as a missionary, Miss Funk was a secretary of the Y. W. C. A. at Paterson. Her home was in Boyertown, Pa. Because it was understood she had boarded the Titanic friends in Paterson believe she was lost. In church services Sunday her work was the subject of tribute, and the Y. W. C. A. has already arranged for a memorial service next Sunday.

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