Garden Lures Skipper of the Berengaria, Sir Henry [sic] Rostron, After 45 Years at Sea

New York Times

LONDON, Nov. 7---Captain Sir Arthur Henry Rostron, commodore of the Cunard fleet, who is retiring after forty-five years at sea, took his leave of his fellow-officers at Southampton this week on relinquishing command of the Berengaria.

The great sailor, perhaps the best known and surely one of the most popular figures in the Atlantic service, who is said to have saved more lives than any other officer afloat, will live quietly at his country home near his regular port of call, dividing his time between his children and his flowers.

Nine years spent on sailing ships he regards as the most important part of his training. He will be remembered for his part in the Titanic disaster, when, as captain of the Carpathia, he rushed to the aid of the foundering liner, saving more than 700 lives. He was commander of the Mauretania during the war and convoyed 35,000 American troops to Europe.

While his service with the Cunard Line does not officially end until May, it is not likely that he will ever go to sea again.

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