Gave Aid to Ireland

Timothy J McCarthy interested his employers in manufactures.

Boston Globe

To the editor of the globe – now that the loss of Timothy J. McCarthy, buyer for Jordan Marsh company, in the wreck of the Titanic seems to be a certainty, I think it is but doing an act of justice to his memory to remind the Irish people of greater Boston that Ireland owes a debt of gratitude to him for his zealous effort to encourage the sale of Irish manufactured goods in America by interesting his firm in the purchase of Irish linen paper and other products for which he went to Dublin in 1907 and later.

When as chairman of the industrial committee of the County Dublin Association of Boston, the writer of this very inadequate encomium of Mr McCarthy waited upon that gentleman in the fall of 1907 and asked that he, Mr McCarthy, would use his influence as a buyer for his firm to introduce certain goods of Irish manufacture into Boston, the reception and the reply were in keeping with the thorough manner in which he carried out his policies later on.

It is to be hoped that the various Irish societies which have been interested in the sale of Irish made goods in Boston and district will take steps towards a fitting recognition of his disinterested service in the interest of Irish trade.

John Byrne, co-founder County Dublin Association of Boston. Waltham, April 20.

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