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General Protest—Broadcast Play Dropped

The whole thing should be forgotten—Captain Rostron

Evening Post

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"The whole thing should be forgotten. There is no excuse for reminding the survivors of the horrors, which will certainly haunt me for ever," said Captain Sir Arthur Rostron.

He was master of the Carpathian [sic] when she rescued the survivors of the Titanic, and was protesting against a broadcasting company's proposal to broadcast a play describing the sinking of the huge liner.

When the Titanic sank after striking an iceberg in the Atlantic 1517 lives were lost.

The young author, Mr. Filson, declares that the play does not dwell on the horrors of the scenes, but switches from various parts of the vessel, showing the bridge, where the officers knew of the disaster, to the cabins and staterooms, where there was no knowledge of the danger.

As a result of the general protest the broadcast is to be dropped.

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Mark Baber, USA


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  1. Mark Baber Mark Baber

    Over the past couple of days I've come across a some newspaper articles from all parts of the world about a 1932 BBC radio play about Titanic's sinking which was apparently never produced and protests by, among others, Arthur Rostron, to such a broadcast. I've added four of those articles to ET: a 25 February article from The Mercury of Hobart, Tasmania, an article of the same date from The New York Times, carrying an AP release that appeared in a number of newspapers in North America; a third article of the same date, this one from The Times, publishing a BBC statement denying that such a program was in the offing; and a 10 March article from The Evening Post of Wellington, which suggests that the author of the play in question might

  2. Aaron_2016 Aaron_2016

    In February 1932 the public got word that a graphic Titanic play was going to be broadcast for the 20th anniversary of the sinking. The public protested and the BBC received widespread condemnation from listeners. The decision to broadcast the play was stopped. Do you agree that it was too early and in poor taste to broadcast a play about the Titanic disaster in 1932? Here are some of the UK news bulletins from newspapers nationwide. - On With The Radio: We are told that the BBC are arranging a production written around the sinking of the Titanic in mid-Atlantic in 1912, and already an outcry is being raised against broadcasting such a work. - A play based on the sinking of the Titanic would renew in us admiration for the greatness to which the human spirit may rise in adversity. - DIFFICULTIES OF HISTORICAL DRAMA A broadcast based on the Titanic disaster has attracted much attention and protest this week. - TOO CRUEL TO RELATIVES, SAYS COMMANDER OF RESCUE LINER Wireless

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