George Henry Hunt (Red Cross #199)

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The husband, returning from a visit to his mother in England, was drowned.

The husband, returning from a visit to his mother in England, was drowned.

He had lived in this country six years and was a florist, earning $80 a month.

There are two children aged respectively four years and three months.

The widow, an experienced cook, is an unusually competent woman. Both she and her husband have relatives in England and in this country, none of whom, however, are able to support her.

Since her bereavement, her great anxiety has been that she may not be able to provide for her children the education which her husband had planned.

She lives near a University and, through the local Charity organisation Society, a house has been rented in which she will sublet rooms to students. In this way, she is able to make a living for herself and her children.

Of the money appropriated by this Committee, $1,000 has been used to furnish the house and get the plan started. The remainder of the money has been placed in trust with the Charity Organisation Society for the education of the children. In addition, the widow has received $1,000 life insurance and $2,650.84 from other American relief funds. ($2,500).

The Emergency and Relief booklet by the American Red Cross, 1913 #199. (English).

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