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Engagement of Gladys Cherry and origins of the family motto Grip Fast

Western Mail

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The engagement was announced on Thursday of Miss Gladys Cherry, daughter of the late Mr. James Frederick Cherry, and of Lady Emily Cherry, to Major George O. Pringle, late of the Royal Artillery.

Miss Cherry is a grand-daughter of Mary Elizabeth, Countess of Rothes. Her mother. Lady Emily, who is 86, created surprise eighteen months ago by taking up motor-driving. A slight, frail-looking woman, she is possessed of nerves of steel and drives confidently through the complicated London traffic mazes.

The present Earl Rothes, who is 30, succeeded to the title last year. He married Miss Beryl Douglas, who is one of the few people saved from the Titanic disaster.

The family motto ("Grip Fast") is said to owe its origin to the fact that an ancestor saved Queen Margaret of Scotland from a watery grave. She was riding behind him on a pillion when in crossing a Highland stream she slipped. The rider. seizing her in time, called mit. " Grip fate." and the exclamation was adopted as the motto. 

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