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Says His "Titanic Baggage" Was Purchased on Board Carpathia
Samuel L Goldenberg of the lace importing house of Goldenberg Bros. & Co.,108 Fifth Avenue, who is among the survivors of the Titanic disaster, explained to THE TIMES yesterday how it was that he was the only survivor who brought any baggage ashore. His explanation was conveyed in the following letter:

New York, April 24, 1912.

When I left the Titanic I was dressed in my pajamas, coat, trousers,
dressing gown, raincoat, and slippers, (not shoes.) I had time to take
two rugs with me, for my wife and for myself.

On reaching the Carpathia I was told that the barber had some toilet
articles and other things to sell. I therefore made the necessary
purchases of toothbrushes and other toilet articles, including shirt and
collars; for my wife and myself a pair of shoes, &c.  I then asked the
barber if he had anything to put them into in the shape of a bag, and he
sold me a brown canvas kit bag. On reaching New York I put all of the
remaining things into this bag, and this is the bag that was mentioned
in THE NEW YORK TIMES. I state these facts  simply for the purpose of
not creating a wrong impression, as, in common with all other
passengers, I had no thought of saving any of my luggage at such a
moment, and actually did not save any.       S. L. GOLDENBERG

The story referred to, which appeared in THE TIMES yesterday under the caption, "Only One Passenger Saved His Baggage," originated in the Customs House. The carry-all was seen on the pier by an official connected with the Surveyor of the Port's office and by that official was called to the attention of a reporter for THE NEW YORK TIMES, the official remarking as he did so, "That is the only piece of baggage saved from the Titanic."

This same official said yesterday, after reading the story in THE TIMES, that it correctly set forth the matter as given to him by the baggage steward of the Carpathia, who brought Mr. Goldenberg's carry-all ashore and placed it under the customs letter "G."

"My attention was attracted to the carry-all," this official said, "and I was curious to know where it came from, for it did not seem possible that it could have been saved from the Titanic. I asked the steward who brought it ashore, where it came from, and he answered, 'It is the only piece that was rescued from the Titanic.'  When I asked whom it belonged to he replied, 'Mr. Goldenberg.'

"I called the attention of at least half a dozen persons to the carry-all. No examination of the contents was made because the orders from Washington were to pass all baggage from the Titanic without examination."

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