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The New York correspondent of the ''Daily Telegraph'' cables a special and graphic message regarding the heroism of some of the women in the wreck. According to this source of information: The heroism of Edith Evans, who gave up her own life that another might be saved, stand out conspicuously.

Miss Evans was nearly 30 years old, and, independently well-to-do, she spent much of her time in travel. She was a passenger on the Titanic, travelling with her aunts, Mrs. Cornell, Mrs. Appleton, and Mrs. Brown. The signal came for the women and children to go, and Mrs. Cornell and Mrs. Appleton secured seats in one of the lifeboats. Mrs. Morgan and Miss Evans sought another. It was one of the last boats to go. They found places, but as the boat was about to be lowered it was seen to be overcrowded. one person would have to get out, Miss Evans arose, although her aunt put out a restraining hand, announcing she would go. ''I must be the one to go,'' declared the young woman. ''You stay: you have children at home, I have nobody,'' She jumped out and the lifeboat was lowered. That was the last seen of her.

Mrs. Brown thereafter showed a spirit which made her volunteer to leave the boat. There were only three men in the boat, and but one of them could row. Mrs. Brown, who was reared on the water, immediately picked up the heavy sweeps and began to pull. In the boat, which carried Mrs. Cornell and Mrs. Appleton, there were places for seventeen more than were carried. This boat, too, was undermanned, and two of the ladies at once took their places at the oars.


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