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Details of the early years of George Green have yet to be firmly established but it has been found that he married Theresa Jean Morris in late 1901, the marriage being registered at Dorking, Surrey.
The births of their 3 daughters were also registered at Dorking as follows -
Hilda - 1902
Kathleen - 1905
Olive Janet - 1907
George Green worked as a farrier at the forge in Dorking during the period 1901 to early 1912 when he decided to emigrate with his family to America. Travelling alone on Titanic his wife and 3 daughters went to stay temporarily with her parents, Nathaniel & Martha Morris at Spon Street, Coventry.
The plan was to have been that Theresa and the 3 children would take the Titanic on its second voyage to meet up with George in America.
As a result of losing her husband Theresa and her children were awarded a weekly pension from the Mansion House Titanic Relief Fund.

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  1. John Greenwood said:

    We are researching the Green family as my grandfather Henry Green of Haywards Heath was George Green's brother. Any information would be gratefully received. John Greenwood

  2. Seb Greenwood said:

    George Green is my great great uncle! would love to know if some of his family are still alive!

  3. sarah (3035) said:

    Hi i dont know if im right or not. But my granddad ernest green had said to me that is grandad or great grandad was oboard the titanic. Sarah

  4. sarah (3035) said:

    I would very interested to know if there is a possible family connection

  5. Brian Jennings said:

    Hello John, I am also researching the Green Family as George Green was my Great Grandfather. My Grandfather, E.R.D. Jennings married Olive. They had one child namely Clive Jennings who is my father. We are resident in South Africa. You are welcome to contact me at @bolokanani:disqus  Regards Brian.

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