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Twelve-Year-Old Hazel Found In Grounds of Deserted Mansion
Special to The New York Times
WHITE PLAINS, N. Y., June 23---After being lost for seven hours to-day, Miss Hazel Barbara Guggenheim, daughter of Mrs. Benjamin Guggenheim of New York, was found in the woods near Gedney Farm Hotel, where she and her mother have been staying for several weeks.

The girl, who is 12 years old, disappeared this morning about 10 o'clock, after she had been scolded by her mother. Until she was found this afternoon Sheriff Elrich Wiesendanger's force of mounted deputies and guests and grooms from the hotel scoured all of this part of Westchester County.

Sheriff Wiesendanger organized auto parties that hunted in a widening circle from the hotel, and as each party reported it was sent back over other routes by the pleas of the distracted mother. Thinking that probably some one had kidnapped the girl, Sheriff Wiesendanger placed guards at all of the railroad stations and every outbound trolley car on all of the five ` lines from this village were watched.

Deputy Sheriff John C. Moore and Undersheriff Charles E. Nossittier took up the search in the vicinity of the ruins of the old Howard Willlets mansion, which had already been searched closely. Moore caught a glimpse of something white through the trees, and he ran after what proved to be the fleeing girl.

She refused to accompany him, saying that she didn't want to go back, but she was finally coaxed into the waiting auto. When she was placed in her mother's arms there was no thought of punishment, both the mother and child being perfectly happy to be with each other again.

Mrs. Guggenheim is the widow of the late Benjamin Guggenheim, who was lost in the Titanic disaster.

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