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Frederick Sutton was born June 15, 1850, in County Suffolk, England, and educated in private schools of Cambridgeshire. He came to Philadelphia in 1870 and began business with White Bros. & Co., Coffee Importers, at No. 27 South Water Street. In 1877 he became a member of the firm of F. Sutton & Co., Coffees at 37 South Water Street, his present business name and location. Mr. Sutton is a Director and a member of the Committee of Municipal Affairs of the Trades League of Philadelphia. He moved to Haddonfield in October, 1877, purchased his residence lot in 1879, and built his present house in 1886. He is a Director and Treasurer of the Electric Light Company of Haddonfield, and a Director of the Haddonfield Mutual Building and Loan Association.

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