Hamblyn Family Information

Ernest William Hamblyn was born in Plymouth, Devon and his birth was registered there in the December Quarter of 1865.
He remains elusive in early life but has been traced to Shirley, Southampton in the England & Wales 1901 census.
It has been established that he married Lily Swan in the Southampton area in late 1890 (the event was registered in the December Quarter that year).
The couple are known to have had 4 children, all born in Shirley, the eldest, Percy George was born in 1892, followed by twins, Ernest and George in 1895 and a daughter, Gladys Lilian in 1898.
The 1901 census describes Ernest as a marine store dealer.
In 1912 the family were living at 2 Norman Villas, Dyer Road when he signed on as a bedroom steward in the second class accommodation. His wage was to have been a monthly amount of £3 15 shillings.
Ernest was lost in the sinking aged 47 and his body was not amongst those subsequently recovered.
His wife Lily has her grave at the Old Cemetery, The Common, Southampton and her gravestone has a memorial to her husband.

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