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Hanna Mamee

Patricia Sheehi (Cameron) (Hanna Mamee's niece)

My Uncle was a small man, very diminutive. He was twelve or so years old at the time of the sinking and traveling alone. He was a baby faced boy, so when he was twelve he looked like he was ten years old.

Hanna Mame was from Zaghorta, Lebanon (a predominately Maronite Christian town, in the North of the country, not far from the Cedars of Lebanon.) There were a lot of people from Zaghorta on that ship. Half of Zaghorta went down on that ship. All we know is that he was hanging onto the boat while he was in the water, and was pulled into the Astor boat, which he said wasn't crowded. The men who were rowing didn't want to pull him aboard, and once he was in, wanted to throw him overboard. Lady Astor protected him from them and saved him, by warming him under her clothing, because he was wet and freezing. He wasn't a sissy as it was portrayed in the movies, he was just a little boy. Uncle John lived in Washington were he had pool room. He was living in Washington by mid 1920 's he died in early 1950's or late 40's, and was married to Elizabeth Starr (Najim /Dadah family.) They had no children."

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