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Olympic Will Be Navigated in Usual Manner, However
The White Star liner Olympic, which sailed yesterday for Southampton,
carried in the motor room just back of the bridge a gyroscopic compass, an
invention of R. E. Bibbins, who sailed on the liner. The compass is adjusted
true north, instead of to the magnetic pole, and by means of a gyroscope run
by a motor, the needle always points to the north pole and does not shift
toward the magnetic pole.

The invention will be tried out on the trip over, although the vessel will
be navigated in the regulation way by the magnetic compass. As New York
offers a deviation by the compass of several points from true north the
gyroscopic compass was adjusted to the north pole. It is said that the new
compass cannot be affected by the presence of metals.

One of the passengers by the Olympic was A. Maynard Lyon, 94 years old, who
lives at 10 West Sixty-first street. When he was a youth he did some things
in verse and he has dabbled in verse since, but he earned his living in real
estate. Some of his verse attracted attention on the other side and he was
made an honorary member of the Authors Club of London. He is going over for
a three months trip to visit them and other spots in England.

Mrs. J. P. Morgan and J. P. Morgan Jr., sailed on the Olympic. Mr. Morgan,
Sr., and Henry P. Davison saw them off.

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