He Advertises for Missing Relative

New York Herald

He Advertises for Missing Relative
Circular Addressed to Survivors Asks News of Charles H. Chapman, of This City

Efforts to obtain information of a passenger still reported on the lists as missing after the wreck of the Titanic were reflected yesterday in a circular advertising for Charles H. Chapman, who was a second cabin passenger.

The circular, bearing a photograph of the missing man and directed particularly to the survivors of the disaster, was sent out by Charles L. Chapman, a relative, with the request that information be sent to the Chapman home, at No. 1,321 Plimpton avenue, this city.

Charles L. Chapman seeks positiviely to establish the fate of this relative and hopes through the printed circulars to attract the attention of  a survivor of the wreck who saw Mr. Chapman after theTitanic struck the iceberg that sent the vessel to the bottom of the ocean.

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