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Heartfelt Sympathy Of Friends Here Goes To Mrs. L. P. Smith

Washington Times

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Of the many soul-wringing sad pathetic partings that took place as the Titanic, with its precious burden, awaited the inrush of the waters that were to lower it to a grave two miles beneath the surface of the Atlantic, that between Mrs. Lucien P. Smith, daughter of Congressman J. Anthony Hughes, of West Virginia, who made her debut to society here in January, and her young husband of a few months, must have been as heartrending as any.

That Mrs. Smith is one of the survivors, while her husband is to this time numbered among the victims of the appalling tragedy, makes it evident that the romance of the young couple, which ended in their marriage in West Virginia on February 8, last, has been climaxed with an awful separation---the death of the young husband, probably within sight of his girl bride.

All lists received so far from the rescue ship which is speeding to port with the grief-stricken survivors list Lucien P. Smith, the bridegroom, who with his young wife, was on his honeymoon, among those taken as toll by the catastrophe. Young Smith and his pretty wife were on route home from a trip in Europe, where they spent the first days of their married life. They had started to go around the world, but had changed their minds as the bride was anxious to be back with her parents. The couple intended to resume their trip in their own land.

The young people had written before leaving Southampton of incidents that had marked their honeymoon. Congressman Hughes and his wife, who are in Huntington, W. Va., had cabled them "continued happiness," and anxiously awaited their return.

How Eloise Hughes parted with her husband is the question friends of the young girl, whose bow to society is an event as well remembered here as if it happened yesterday, are asking today. No one as yet knows but among the passengers of the Carpathia there is one girl in whose mind the picture of the terrible happening has as its most painful contrast the memory of a loved one who stood beside her at the altar several weeks ago waving farewell for the last time as he passed from her to eternity.


Mark Baber, USA


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