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Good Reasons Why the Newest Ocean Liners are Referred to as Floating Palaces

While the first photograph of the new steamship Titanic received in New York shows a ship in most respects like the Olympic there is a pronounced difference in the deck, or what is on the Olympic the lower promenade deck. On this deck on the new ship there is no public promenade at all.

Instead the staterooms are brought flush with the outside of the superstructure, and the rooms themselves made much larger.  The sitting rooms of some of the suites on this deck are 15 by 15 feet, in fact, this deck is the most luxurious of the vessel.

The restaurant is much larger than that of the Olympic and is has a novelty in the shape of a private promenade deck on the starboard side, to be used exclusively by its patrons.  Adjoining it is a reception room where hosts and hostesses may meet their guests before going into the restaurant.

The biggest novelty is two private promenades connected with the two most luxurious suites on the ship.  These suites are about the most expensive ever installed on the ship so far as the passenger is concerned.  It will be possible for the occupants to be just exclusive on shipboard as in their own homes.


Marion James

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