In addition to maneuvering Titanic after launch, Herculaneum also assisted during Titanic’s sea trials out of Belfast on 2 April 1912.

Alexandra Towing Co., Ltd.

Port of Registry: Liverpool
Flag of Registry: British
Funnel: Buff, black top with white stripe of equal width below, thin white stripe separating white from buff funnel.
Company Flag: White, quartered by a broad red cross, red block letters, one in each quadrant A T )top) C L (bottom)
Signal Letters: (1912) HNQK Steel hull, sloop rig, one iron deck
Engines: Compound. 2 cyc. 21” 44” by 27” stroke
Single screw
Tonnage: 172 gross; 165 underdeck; 4 net
Dimensions: length 95.2 ft. width 22.6 ft. depth 12/3 ft.

1909 Built and engineered by Cran & Co. Leith (yard no. #68)

1909 Trials March 5th

Through 1932 Herculaneum was registered at Liverpool and worked mainly out of Swansea.

During 1933-34 and 1947-48 her name does not appear in Lloyd’s Register.

Reappearing in the 1948-49 register, her port of registry now is Swansea. Signal letters are now MCXR but ownership remains unchanged.

In December 1960 the Lloyd’s classification was withdrawn and she was scrapped at Passage West in October 1961, replaced in 1962 by another tug of the same name.

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