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One of the tugs that got lines aboard New York and kept her from striking Titanic as the latter was leaving her Southampton dock.

Port of Registry: Southampton
Flag of Registry: British
Funnel: Red, black top
Company Flag: Divided by crossed lines into four equal trianges, blue at hoist, white at top, green at fly , red at bottom.
Signal Letters: L W N Y
Steel hull, one funnel, two screws, one deck, smack rig.
Triple expansion, 6 cyl. 2 each: 15’x 24”, 39” x 28” stroke, 1,200 h.p.
Tonnages: Gross-234 Underdeck 232 Net 41
Dimensions: Length 135.5 ft. Width 24.1 ft. Depth 11.0 ft.

1889 Built and engined by Barclay, Curle & Co., Ltd. Glasgow, yard no. 366
1889 Sept 11 Launched
1889 Nov. 12 Trials
1903 New boilers
1914-18 Worked war cargo at the French ports of St. Nazaire then later LeHavre
1926 Broken up by Pollack, Brown, Southampton.

© 2005 John P. Eaton all rights reserved.
This item first appeared in Voyage, Journal of the Titanic International Society.

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