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Native of San Francisco, in Business
in Portland, Titanic Passenger

Herman Klaber of Portland, one of the biggest hop merchants on the Pacific Coast, was a passenger on the Titanic. Klaber was born in San Francisco, went through the schools and entered business here, and since the removal of the seat of his business enterprise to the Northwest has been a constant visitor to San Francisco. His acquaintance among San Francisco business men is wide.

It was on January 18 that he departed from San Francisco for an extended tour to the European branches of the hop establishment. A wife and two-year-old daughter, Bernice, went to Sacramento to remain in his absence.

Sailed on the Olympic.

Klaber sailed from New York for England on the sister vessel of the lost Titanic, the Olympic, on January 14. He went direct to the office of Klaber, Wolf & Netter of London and Portland, a firm that is associated with Wolf, Netter and Company of this city.

From London Klaber traveled through all of the hop-producing countries of the continent and returned to London to sail out on the Titanic on her maiden voyage.

For twenty years Klaber has been looking after the interests of the two firms in the northwest. It was more than ten years ago that he changed his residence from San Francisco to Portland.

Married San Francisco Girl.

He is less than forty years old and was married a few years ago to Miss Gertrude Kinsberg of Sacramento, daughter of Sam Kinsberg, a well-known wholesale merchant of the capital. Mrs. Klaber is now with her parents.

Among Klaber’s relatives in San Francisco is Marcus J. Netter, a cousin and a business partner. Netter lives at the St. Xavier Apartments, in Pacific avenue. Other family connections are Henry L. Auerback of 1801 California street and Henry Abraham of 1035 Geary street, who is connected with the Southern Pacific railroad.

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