Worcester Evening Gazette

New York- April 19- Mrs. Lena Rogers of Boston was saved from the Titanic in a boat which carried 55 women passengers. Crowded to more than its capacity, the boat was endangered of being swamped when Fourth Officer Louve [sic], who had it in charge, succeeded in transferring some of his passengers to one of the other boats.

"As we left the Titanic", she said," several men were on the point of jumping into our boat, already overcrowded. They were stopped by Officer Louve drawing a revolver. After taking us out of the range of the Titanic's suction, he transferred us to other boats that had not been completely filled and went back for more from the sinking ship. Too much praise cannot be given the officer for his work.We were in the boat for three or four hours listening to the cries and groans of thoses who had jumped overboard and were not rescued, and those in other boats."

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