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Peace Society Adopts Minute In Memory of Titanic Victim
At the annual meeting of the New York Peace Society yesterday the following minute concerning the death of William T. Stead was adopted:

The New York Peace Society, realizing that in the death of
William T. Stead of London the peace cause loses one of its
most ardent advocates, desires to put upon record its
appreciation of his indefatigable service to humanity. He was
the champion of all oppressed people; he courageously rebuked
all nations, even his own, when they practiced injustlce or
tyranny; he untiringly pleaded for the brotherhood of man,
the unity of races, and the settlement of all internatlonal
disputes by peaceful methods. He was on his way to our Nation
with a message of good will when he met death as courageously
as he faced the issues of life.

Mr. Stead was one of the victims who went down on the Titanic.

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