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A special meeting of Hope Lodge No. 124, F. and A. M., of East Orange, which, arranged some time ago, was to have been in the nature of a red-letter day for the master, W. Anderson Walker, will take the form of a lodge of sorrow. The meeting is to be held tonight. The lodge has accepted the fact of Mr. Walker’s death with the foundering of the Titanic. Mr. Walker was a passenger on that steamer. His name never appeared in any of the lists of rescued.

At the meeting tonight Theodore Bomeisler, son of Past Master Paltiel R. Bomeisler, is to be raised to a Mason. The elder Bomeisler and Mr. Walker were close friends, and Mr. Walker, having no children of his own, had taken a deep interest in the son of his friend. He had given young Bomeisler a position in the concern of which he was the New York representative, and had counted on presiding at the meeting in which his protege was to take the Masonic degree.

As the logical successor to the vacancy, Senior Warden John A. M. Gilbert will preside tonight. It is expected that a committee will be appointed to frame resolutions on the death of Mr. Walker and arrangements made for a memorial service. The date will probably be fixed for May 1.

It was announced today that the “Hammernox Swatfest” dinner of the lodge, planned on the order of the Gridiron Club banquet of Washington correspondents, and to take place Thursday night, has been called off.

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