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Mrs. Burleson, Wife of Army Officer In Command of Suffrage Pageant
Special to The New York Times
WASHINGTON, Jan. 10---A cavalcade of horsewomen is to lead the woman's suffrage parade, or pageant, as the suffragists prefer to call it, in Washington on March 3, the day before President Wilson's inauguration. Mrs. R. C. Burleson, wife of Lieut. Burleson, U. S. A., is to be Marshal of the troops. Some of the Washington women prominent in society who have agreed to ride behind Mrs. Burleson are Miss Mary Morgan, a cousin of Gifford Pinchot; Mrs. Churchill Candee, and Miss Julia Goldsborough. Mrs. Charlotte Weikert will be Assistant Marshal.

The Senate to-day adopted a joint resolution appropriating $25,000 to enable the authorities of the District of Columbia to maintain order during the Inauguration Week.

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