How Maj. Peuchen Escaped.

The Toronto World

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Second Officer Lightholder (sic), who had charge of the lifeboats:

"In the fourth lifeboat I was running short of seamen.  I put two seamen in and one of them jumped out.  That was the first boat I had to put a man passenger in.  He was standing near by and said he would go if I needed him.

"I said:  'Are you a sailor?' and he replied that he was a yachtsman.  Then I told him that if he was a sailor to get over the bulwarks to the lifeboat--to go ahead.  He did, and proved himself afterwards to be a very brave man."

"Who was he?  Did you know him?"

"I didn't know him then, but afterward I looked him up.  He was Major Peuchen of Toronto."

"Had you ever seen him before?"


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