Husband and wife saved

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Taken from “The Brooklyn Daily Eagle” New York. Friday April 19, 1912


Mr. And Mrs. A.A. Dick were Luckily Hustled Into Lifeboat Together.


                  One of the most pathetic and dramatic stories of the Titanic disaster was told by Mrs. Vera Dick, who, with her husband A. A. Dick, of Alberta, Canada, were on board the fated steamship and both escaped in one of the lifeboats. She is a pretty bride of only a few months, and the harrowing scenes which she had looked upon only seemed to increase her thankfulness and joy that she and her husband were yet alive.

                  “We were hurried helter-skelter into the lifeboats,” she said as she clung with a vise-like grip to her husband’s arm.

                  “Did you save and clothing!” someone asked.

                  “My nightgown and kimono,” she replied.

                  Then, pointing to a white worsted cap that she wore Mrs. Dick said: “I bought this thing in the barber shop on board the Carpathia.”

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