Hythe Mourners

Folkestone, Hythe, Sandgate, and Cheriton Herald

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There are at least two Hythe residents mourning the loss of relatives who were on the ill-fated Titanic. One is Mr. W. R. Wood, the popular Postmaster, whose brother, Mr. J. T. Wood, aged 49 years went down with the great majority. Mr. J. T. Wood's proper ship was the Oceanic, but he was helping on board the Titanic just before she sailed, and was persuaded at the last moment to sign on for the latter in the capacity of second-class steward. His home was at Clapton, and he leaves there a widow and two grown-up daughters. Mr. W. R. Wood and his deceased brother were in each other's company on March 23rd, when they saw the former's son off to Canada. The Postmaster is very grateful for the many kind expressions of sympathy he has received.

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