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Iceberg that sank Titanic

Brooklyn Daily Eagle

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400 Feet Long and 90 Feet High, Says Carpathia Physician

Dr. J. F. Kemp of the Carpathia described the iceberg that sank the Titanic as at least 400 feet long and 90 feet high. He declared that one of the boats that the Carpathia picked up was filled with stokers from the sunken liner. “It had just two women aboard.” he said. “The doctor said that the Carpathia cruised twice through the ice field near the spot where the Titanic sank and picked up the bodies of three men and one baby.

H. B. Steffanson of New York, another survivor who leaped into the sea and was picked up, declared that he saw the iceberg before the collision.

“It seemed to me that the berg, a mile away, I should say, was about 80 feet out of water. The ice that showed clear of the water was not what we struck. After the collision I saw ice all over the sea. When we hit the berg we seemed to slide up on it. I could feel the boat jumping and pounding and I realized that we were on the ice, but I thought we would weather it.”

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