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All Is In Personal Property and Will Be Divided Among Children
Application for letters of administration on the estate of Mrs. Ida Straus, who perished with her husband Isidor Straus in the wreck of the Titanic on April 15, was made yesterday to Surrogate Cohalan. The petition, which was signed by the sons and daughters of Mrs. Straus, declared that the value of her estate was $260,000, all in personal property. As Mrs. Straus left no will, her property will be equally divided among her sons, Jesse, Isidor, Percy S. and Herbert N. Straus, and her daughters, Mrs. Sarah Hess, Mrs. Minnie Weil, and Mrs. Vivian Scheftel.

Two affidavits were filed with the petition. They were made by Mrs. Ellen Bird and A. Bjornston Steffanson, who were passengers on the Titanic, and who were rescued by the Carpathia.

Mrs. Bird testified that Mrs. Straus remained with her husband when other women were being taken from the sinking ship. Steffanson testified merely that the Strauses were aboard the Titanic and not aboard the Carpathia.

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