Identifying Titanic stewardesses

Identifying Titanic stewardesses

A famous photograph taken at Plymouth, shows a group of surviving stewardesses, but who were they?

1 Unknown
Possibly Martin or Bowker, Caton or Marsden
2 Unknown
Possibly GoldBowker, Caton or Marsden
3 Violet Jessop
4 Unknown
Possibly Mrs Leather
5 Maud Slocombe Maud Slocombe
6 Mabel Bennett

Hypatia Mclaren

7 Mary Sloan? Mary Sloan
8 Annie Robinson Annie Robinson
9 Mary Roberts

Probably Emma Bliss, possibly Mary Roberts

10 Jane Kate Gold

Probably Gregson, possibly  Gold

11 Annie Martin Annie Martin
12 Alice Prichard Alice Prichard


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