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Ilford Passengers on the Titanic

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Ilford has her part to play in the latest tragedy of the ocean. On April 2nd last, Mr and Mrs Ben Hart were present at the "Cauliflower" in their honour prior to their departure for Canada. During the evening they were the recipients of a beautiful Illuminated Address which included the following words, "And may the Almighty Jehovah send you safe voyage and a prosperous career in the land of your adoption." Mr Hart was a Jew, and the introduction of the word "Jehovah" into the Address touched him very much. His emotions were easily aroused and he could barely respond with the tears swimming in his eyes. We see from the papers that Mrs Esther Hart and Miss Eva Hart are among the saved, but there is no mention made of Mr Hart, and we fear the worst. Had he gone direct to Canada he would have been safely there by now,-buthe travelled via New York for the purpose of seeing a relative he had not seen for 30 years. Our hearts send out a wireless message of sympathy to the poor lady and child, deprived as we fear so untimely of their protector and probably of all of this world's goods they had with them,-for Mr and Mrs Hart had gone out with a few pounds to start afresh in a New World at an age when most people are thinking of retiring from business.

Sleep on, thou mighty dead,
A glorious tomb they've found thee.
The bright blue sky above thee spread,
The boundless waters round thee.


Neal Shelden


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