In The Town Of Sorrow

(From our Special Correspondent)
Southampton April 29th.
Joy and sorrow, elation and depression are mingled in the homes here of the seamen, firemen and stewards of the Titanic.
Feelings of compassion for the heroes who died and for their dependants overshadow the joy at the return of the living. But the little children who cannot understand all that the loss of the Titanic means are happy now that father has come back.
''My two little boys wanted to keep awake all night, said Mrs. Pragnell, the wife of a surviving fireman. ''They were very anxious to see their father, but I told them to go to sleep and I would bring daddy home.''
One woman - Mrs. Priest - had her son restored to her, but each of her two daughters - Nellie and Emmie - lost a sweetheart.
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