The Evening Standard, Ogden City, Utah,

Salt Lake, Aug. 27--- "I don't care what you do with me, for my life is
worth nothing to me since my father, Captain Smith, went down in the
Titanic," declared John Smith, 19, years of age, at the police station last
night after being arrested for trying to pawn a suit of clothes for the
possession of which he could not account.

His suspicions aroused, Inspector Carlson followed Smith into a Commercial
street pawnshop at 10 o'clock last night and asked him where he got the suit
he was trying to pawn. Smith declared that he had had it a year. On
examination, the coat was found to have a label in the inside pocket bearing
the name N. Dorlas and the date 1912. Smith went to the station with the
inspector, but not without a tussle.

Jerking away once, he left his entire coast [sic] sleeve in the inspector's
hand. Promptly giving chase, the officer tripped up his man, sat on him
until he got his breath back and continued to police headquarters with a
very much subdued prisoner.

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  1. Robert T. Paige said:

    Captain Smith had no such son. There was only one child, a daughter. And what one English person would be doing in Utah in the United States would have been highly questionable. The whole story might have been out of some person's imagination, for some unbelievable reason.

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