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Borebank, Mr. John. J. Missing. First Class Passenger.
Cabin D22/1. Occupation - Horticulturist, c/o Lodges of the World, Winnipeg, Canada. Real Estate agent. Left Winnipeg in the Spring of 1911 for the Coronation of King George V. Then was returning home on the Titanic.

John James Borebank, known as "Jack", was born 1870 in West Hallam, Derbyshire. While educated in England, he lived most of his life in Toronto. At the age of twenty-six, he moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba, remaining there fourteen years. He moved back to Toronto in 1910, residing at 177 Jameson Avenue. He had now become an esteemed real estate broker, working out of the Quebec Bank building on King St., Toronto.
For ten months, Mr. Borebank had travelled throughout Europe with his wife Isabel and eight-year-old daughter Eileen, visiting Rome, Venice and Paris, finally stopping England to enrol his daughter in school. While his wife and daughter remained in Europe, Mr. Borebank boarded the Titanic (cabin D-22) to return to Canada.
His parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Borebank and a brother and sister, residing at their grocery store at 285 Euclid Avenue, Toronto, received word of his death four days after the first news of the sinking.

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