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Hodgkinson, Leonard. Engineer. Stoke man educated at St. Thomas's School, Stoke. With White Star for several years.
WAS forty-six years of age and his birthplace Liverpool. His apprenticeship was served with Messrs. Hartley, Armour and Fanning, Stoke. He held a first class certificate and had been five years in the Beaver line and five years with Messrs. Rankin, Gilmour & Co. Ltd., his last position with the Company being as chief engineer of the Saint Jerome which he resigned to go into business for himself. He joined the White Star Line in May, 1905, as assistant engineer of the Celtic, in which vessel he afterwards served as fourth and third engineer. The Olympic was his next ship and his rank assistant engineer, being afterwards promoted to fourth engineer. He was next transferred to the Titanic as senior fourth. Mr. Hodgkinson leaves a widow and two children.

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