Norman Harrison (1873-1912) AMIMechE

Associate Member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers

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Norman Harrison (1873-1912) AMIMechE

Elected: Associate Member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, 17 November 1911

Designation: Marine Engineer

Business address: Messrs Ismay Imrie & Co., 30 James Street, Liverpool

Home address: 27 Baden Road, Knotty Ash, Liverpool

Proposed by: A H Burnand

Seconded by: R Baldwin Wiseman

Supporters: John F Brooks, H M Cook, Harry Parsons

Date and place of birth: 15 September 1873, Liverpool

General education: Northern Institute, Liverpool, 1888 to 1889

Technical education: Private tuition, mathematics, applied mechanics, steam machine construction, drawing, 1st class BOT [Board of Trade] certificate

Apprenticeship: Messrs Higginson & Co., Hurst Street, Liverpool 1889 to 1894. Turning, fitting & drawing office

Subsequent career: 1894 to 1898 with Messrs Elder Dempster & Co., as 4th, 3rd & 2nd engineer. 1898 to present date with Messrs Ismay Imrie & Co., as 3rd & 2nd engineer

3rd engineer RMS Delphic 8,000 tons

3rd engineer RMS Athenic 12000 tons

2nd engineer RMS Corinthic 12000 tons

2nd engineer RMS Adriatic 25000 tons

Brief details of most important mechanical engineering work for which the candidate has been personally responsible: Senior second engineer RMS Adriatic 25000 tons, 18000 IHP

Membership of other societies: None

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