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Intercolonial Lawn Tennis Tournament (#2)

Mr. Ismay and Miss Scarvell play Mr. Cropper and Miss Lamb

The Sydney Morning Herald

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The draw for the undermentioned matches has resulted as follows:

Miss Lee plays Miss Rodd
Miss Fitzgerald plays Miss Scarvell
Miss Bloxsome plays Miss Lamb
Mrs. Murray plays Miss Gordon
Miss Gibson a bye.

Mr. Rolin plays Mr. Carnegie
Mr. Martin plays Mr. Webb
Mr. Frayer plays Mr. Highett
Mr. Whyte plays Mr. Ismay
Mr. R. Allen plays Mr. Walker
Mr. Riddell plays Mr. A. Allen
Mr. King plays Mr. Campbell
Mr. Cropper plays Mr. Fitzgerald
Mr. Clive-Smith plays Mr. Moore
Mr. Salmon plays Mr. Bloxsome.

Mr. Clive-Smith and Miss Lee play Mr. Gibson and Miss Gibson
Mr. Ismay and Miss Scarvell play Mr. Cropper and Miss Lamb
Mr. Whyte and Miss Manning play Mr. Gordon and Miss Gordon
Mr. Webb and Miss Macdonald play Mr. Fitzgerald and Miss Fitzgerald
Mr. Reddell and Miss Bloxsome play Mr. Coldham and Miss Cox
Mr. Salmon and Mrs. Want play Mr. Martin and Mrs. Murray
Mr. Metcalfe and Miss Rodd a bye.

Messrs. Walker and Colville play Messrs. King and Rolin
Messrs. Cropper and Fitzgerald play Messrs. Allen and Allen
Messrs. Martin and Webb play Messrs. Whyte and Highett
Messrs. Morris and Jenkins play Messrs. Salmon and Ismay
Messrs. Frayer and Clive-Smith play Messrs. Sweetland and Paterson
Messrs. Reddell and Coldham play Messrs. Campbell and Wardell.

The entries for the above matches have proved far more numerous than the
committee dared at first to hope for, but hard work (for getting up a lawn
tennis tournament entails an immense amount of work, which only those who
have gone through it can well realise) has been well rewarded by the
quantity and also the quality, of the entries. Some of the matches for the
Ladies' Championship will assuredly be very closely contested and well worth
seeing, for, although the gentler sex cannot compete on equal terms with the
opposite sex at lawn tennis, yet there are many of them whose play is
sufficiently good to make it "hot" for some who have entered for the
Gentlemen's Championship. The entries for the Gentlemen's Championship of
New South Wales number 20, each class being well represented, and amongst
them may be noticed the names of such good players as Messrs. Riddell,
Whyte, Martin, Webb, Coldham, Highett, Ismay, Salmon, Cropper, and
Fitzgerald. This event will be of quite a international character, as
representatives from England, New Zealand, Victoria, Tasmania, and this
colony have entered. For the Gentlemen's Double Championship some very
strong pairs have entered, amongst them being Messrs. Riddell and Coldham,
who were unbeaten in the intercolonial match, and it will take a very strong
pair to wrest victory from them. For the Ladies' and Gentlemen's Challenge
Pairs, 13 pairs have entered, and some very good matches will be sure to
result, and picking the winners would appear to be about as hard as finding
the proverbial needle. The success of the Victorians in the intercolonial
match last week was not altogether unexpected, their play in the double
matches being very superior to that of our players, and to this they owe
their victory. We are requested to draw players' attention to the
alterations that have been lately made in the rules with regard to service,
and for their information we publish the following extracts from rules 7 and
9, which show the alterations made:-7 : "The server shall stand with one
foot beyond (i.e., further from the net than) the base line, and with the
other foot upon the base line, and shall deliver from the right and left
courts," &c. 9 : "It is not a fault if the server's foot, which is beyond
the base line, do [sic] not touch the ground at the moment at which the
service is delivered." Another alteration to which we would draw players'
attention admits as legal the return of a ball which passes outside either
post, providing it drop on or within any of the lines which bound the court
into which it is returned. The matches commence to-morrow at 11 o'clock
punctually with the first round of the Gentlemen's Championship; at 12
o'clock the first round of the Ladies' Championship will be played off; and
at 2 o'clock the first round of the Ladies' and Gentlemen's Challenge Pairs
will be played off; whilst at 3 o'clock the first round of the Gentlemen's
Doubles will be played off. Spectators will have a very full day's play to
witness. To-day the entries for the Gentlemen's Veterans' Match and the
Ladies' and Gentlemen's Scratch Pairs will close. Entries are to be made to
the hon. secretary on the ground. Spectators can obtain luncheon on the
ground at 1 o'clock.

[Note: The matches in the singles' competitions were listed in two
columns in the original.]

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