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At 11 o'clock yesterday morning the matches in the tournament were commenced at the Association Grounds, Moore Park. The attendance was much larger than on either day last week. Possibly this was owing to the ladies' matches proving a great attraction to most of the spectators. The day was very favourable for lawn tennis, there being little or no wind, but the presence of a band of music would have much enhanced the day's sport. The results are as follows:


First round.
Mr. Rolin beat Mr. Carnegie
Mr. Ismay beat Mr. Whyte
Mr. Highett beat Mr. Fraser
Mr. Riddell beat Mr. A. Allen
Mr. R. Allen beat Mr. Walker
Mr. Fitzgerald bent Mr. Cropper
Mr. King beat Mr. Campbell
Mr. Salmon a walk-over
Mr. Moore beat Mr. Clive-Smith
Mr. C. Bloxsome, absent.
Mr. Webb beat Mr. Martin

Second round.
Mr. Rolin beat Mr. Highett
Mr. Webb beat Mr. Moore
Mr. Allen beat Mr. King
Mr. Riddell beat Mr. Ismay
Mr. Salmon beat Mr. Fitzgerald


Miss Rodd beat Miss Lee
Miss Fitzgerald beat Miss Scarvell
Miss Lamb beat Miss Bloxsome
Miss Gordon beat Mrs. Murray
Miss Gibson a bye


Mr. Clive Smith and Miss Lee beat Mr. Gibson and Miss Gibson
Mr. Cropper and Miss Lamb beat Mr. Ismay and Miss Scarvell
Mr. Whyte and Miss Manning beat Mr. Gordon and Miss Gordon
Mr. Fitzgerald and Miss Fitzgerald a walk over, Mr. Webb and Miss Macdonald absent
Mr. Coldham and Miss Cox beat Mr. Riddell and Miss Bloxsome
Mr. Salmon and Mr. Want beat Mr. Martin and Mrs. Murray
Mr. Metcalfe and Miss Rodd a bye.


Messrs. King and Rolin beat Messrs. Walker and Colville
Messrs. Allen and Allen beat Messrs. Cropper and Fitzgerald
Messrs. Martin and Webb beat Messrs. Whyte and Highett
Messrs. Salmon and Ismay a walk over, Messrs. Morris and Jenkins absent
Messrs. Fraser and Smith a walk over, Messrs. Sweetland and Paterson absent
Messrs. Merewether and Merewether beat Messrs. Campbell and Wardell
Messrs. Riddell and Coldham a bye.

GENTLEMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP.-First Round: The matches between Messrs. Highett and Fraser and Messrs. Moore and Clive Smith were of a very close and exciting nature. Mr. Rolin satisfactorily accounted for the New Zealander.
Mr. Ismay very easily defeated Mr. Whyte, and Mr. Fitzgerald rather unexpectedly easily beat Mr. Cropper. Second Round: Mr. Rolin beat Mr. Highett after a tough match, and Mr. Salmon defeated Mr. Fitzgerald, after playing every game it was possible to play, which shows the game was very
stubbornly contested. Mr. Riddell defeated Mr. Ismay both sets, at six games to three, Mr. Ismay's play being distinctly inferior to that shown by him
when playing Mr. Whyte.

LADIES' CHAMPIONSHIP.-Miss Rodd beat Miss Lee, two sets to one, and only needs to play a little more steadily to develop into a very good player.
Miss Lamb's volleying and placing was quite too much for her opponent. Miss Gordon had a hard contest with Mrs. Murray, and Miss Fitzgerald found she had no mean opponent in Miss Scarvell.

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN'S CHALLENGE PAIRS.-Mr. Cropper and Miss Lamb found doughty opponents in Mr. Ismay and Miss Scarvell; Mr. Coldham and Miss Cox beat Mr. Riddell and Miss Bloxsome, after some close and exciting play; Mr. Salmon and Mrs. Want beat Mr. Martin and Mrs. Murray by two sets to one, after losing a love set to commence with.

GENTLEMEN'S DOUBLE CHAMPIONSHIP.-Messrs. Allen and Allen created a surprise by wiping out Messrs. Cropper and Fitzgerald by two sets to one.

To-day, a round of the gentlemen's singles will be played at 11 o'clock, a round of the ladies' singles at 12 o'clock, a round of the ladies' and
gentlemen's challenge pairs at 2 o'clock, and a round of the gentlemen's doubles at 3 o'clock. The scratch pairs and the veterans' match will also
commence at half-past 2. The Honorable James White has kindly presented a five guinea prize, which will be contested for by the veterans.
Note: The matches in the singles' competitions were listed in two columns in the original.

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