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This Court was held at Newport, on Wednesday before Judge Gye.

Mr. Hiscock mentioned a case arising out of the disaster of the Titanic, that of a Newport man, named Chiverton [sic], a first-class saloon steward. The case was before his Honour in respect of compensation, which was payable. The matter had been before the learned Registrar, who was of opinion that the amount paid into Court was inadequate. Deceased had been in the habit of contributing a £1 or 30s a month to his mother towards the maintenance of a sister 29 years of age, who was crippled, and the amount paid into Court was £54, it being calculated on the basis of a three years payment of £18. The point was, remarked Mr. Hiscock, that in the Act there was no mention of the amount to be paid in respect of a partial dependant.

His Honour said that the principle to be observed was that the compensation should be assessed in respect of a partial dependent the same as total dependant, the only difference being that the letter should have a full maximum of £300 and a partial dependant was to receive such sums as the Court thought reasonable with regard to other sums that might be earned.

Mr. Hiscock: Reasonable and proportionate to the injury sustained. In this case Mrs. Chiverton, the mother, has a husband who is in receipt of 30s a week.

The Registrar replied that the mother told him she received quite £18 a year from her son towards her maintenance of this sister. She was a favourite with him, and he had always promised to look after her.

The Judge said that under the circumstances he should say that the amount paid into Court was not sufficient.

Mr. Hiscock said that the Oceanic Navigation Company wanted to treat the claim fairly, and to dispose of the whole of the monies. Of course they could not buy an annuity that would bring in anything like £18 a year.

The Judge: But there is a lot of difference between £2 and £3 and £18. The Section says the amount must be reasonable and proportionate to the injury. I will discuss the matter with the Registrar and let you know later.


Another case was that of Mrs. Fairall, a widow, of Ryde – The Registrar reported that the full amount of £300 had been paid into Court, and that the money had been invested in the Post Office Saving’s Bank. The interest would be allowed to accumulate. – His Honour said he thought that it was a very wise course to take.

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