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White Star Official Described as Refusing to Enter Boat at First
New York, April 18---J. [sic] D. M. Cardeza, of Philadelphia, who was among the rescued passengers of the Titanic, told how he said he witnessed Bruce Ismay’s departure from the doomed vessel.

“After the terrific shock,” he said, “all of us rushed from the saloon and staterooms to the upper deck. People shouted and there was confusion everywhere. Soon the lights went out. All of us realized that the ship was in terrible danger and rushed to the hurricane deck.

"It happened that the section of the vessel where I was with my mother, whom I was escorting to the nearest lifeboat, was that in which Mrs. Astor, Mrs. Widener, and the other saloon passengers were gathered.

“Mr. Astor was with Mrs. Astor. A crowd of women gathered around the nearest boat and was helped in by the men. There was not a man passenger in the boat. The sailors manipulated the davit ropes and just as the boat was about to swing out into the water, one of the women cried out for a man to get in with them.

“Mrs. Astor was in the party. I saw Col. Astor kiss her good-by. But she was not the one to call out. The woman who did, said:

“We must have one of you men to steer for us. You know something about the ocean, Mr. Ismay, won’t you come with us? We will feel safer.”

“No, I will remain here, and not take the place of a woman,” Mr. Cardeza quoted Mr. Ismay as saying. The women urged him, however, he said, and some of the men joined in, requesting him to get into the boat. Mr. Ismay, said Mr. Cardeza, finally consented and got in. The boat was then launched and drew away.

“With several others, I caught a piece of the wreckage when the vessel sank. We tried to paddle it with pieces of wood. I don’t remember much that happened after we were thrown into the water, except that I was picked up by a [end of story.]


Mark Baber, USA


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