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President of Mercantile Marine Says His Company Will Not Advance Pay
Refuse to Sail on La Touraine Until Paid Full Wages for Loading and
Unloading Cargo
If the striking longshoremen hoped that the arrival of J. Bruce Ismay,
President of the International Mercantile Marine Company on the Adriatic
yesterday would be followed by action on the part of the companies, they
were disappointed. Mr. Ismay approved the policy of the companies and
their attitude is to be unchanged.

As soon as the big new White Star liner Adriatic, with Mr. Ismay on
board, reached her pier, he was visited by General Manager Franklin of
the White Star Line, General Manager Lee of the Red Star Line, and J. H.
Thomas, Operating Manager of the International Mercantile Marine
Company, and the four went into conference on the steamer. The
conference lasted two hours, and when it was over Mr. Ismay was asked
what his views were on the strike situation.

"There is little to be said," he replied. "I have received a complete
report from Mr. Lee and Mr. Franklin and I am thoroughly in accord with
their policy. We will make no advance, but we will stand firm on the
policy of the companies since the strike began."

When this piece of news was conveyed to Patrick Connors, the leader of
the strikers, he said that it did not worry him. The strikers, he
declared, were winning and it was only a question of time when they
would gain their demands.


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