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Sister of the Late Dr. W. E. Minahan Succumbs in California

An incident in the sinking of the liner "Titanic," one of the greatest marine disasters in history, is recalled today in the death of Miss Daisy Minahan, which occurred yesterday at Los Angeles, Cal. Miss Minahan went abroad with Dr. and Mrs. W. E. Minahan in the early spring of 1912 and returned with them on the Titanic. In the disaster Miss Minahan and Mrs. W. E. Minahan were rescued from the sinking ship, while Dr. W. E. Minahan, one of Fond du Lac's best known physicians and surgeons remained on the steamer and went to his grave.
   Miss Minahan was 39 years of age, and has been in California for several years. She was a resident of Green Bay, and was prominent in social circles there. The deceased was a sister of Drs. J. R. and Robert E. Minahan and Capt. Victor I. Minahan, of Green Bay, and a cousin of Dr. P. R. Minahan of this city.

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