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The body of Mrs. George W. Patterson, Jr. arrived in Cooperstown by special train over the D&H Saturday evening from Morristown, N.J., where she died on Thursday following an operation for appendicitis. The body laid in state in Christ Church Chapel Saturday night and private funeral services were held on Sunday morning, the Rev. Henry W. Hobson of Waterbury, Ct., officiating, with interment in the Ryerson family plot in Lakewood Cemetery.

Mrs. Patterson was Suzette Ryerson, eldest daughter of Mrs. Arthur Ryerson of Springfield Centre and Chicago,her father Arthur Ryerson having been one of the victims of the Titanic disaster, when returning from a trip to Europe. Mrs. Ryerson, Suzette and John, her brother, escaped in a life-boat and were landed safely in America by the rescuing steamer.

At the outbreak of the war Miss Ryerson went to the University of Chicago for study and in 1916 went to France as a bacteriologist at a field hospital. When the German drive for Paris began in 1918 she was under fire for weeks. When evacuation of the hospital became necessary she worked unceasingly in removing the wounded for which she was decorated with a Croix de Guerre. In Paris she met Lieutenant George W. Patterson, just graduated from the school for officers at Fontainbleau and himself a wearer of the Croix de Guerre. Before their leaves of absence had ended they were married. since the armistice was signed Mr. an Mrs. Patterson have lived in Morristown, N.J., spending their summers at Ringwood, Springfield Centre.

Besides her husband and mother, Mrs. Patterson is survived by two sisters, Mrs. George Hyde Clarke of Springfield Centre and Mrs. Victor Salvatore of New York, and by one brother, John Ryerson of Chicago.

Members of the family and friends called here for the funeral were: Mrs. Arthur Ryerson, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ryerson, Mrs. Joseph Ryerson, Donald Ryerson, John D. Ryerson, all of Chicago; Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Hyde Clarke, Springfield Centre; Geo. W. Patterson, Robert R. Patterson, Ann Arbor, Mich.; Geo. W. Patterson, J., Morristown, N.J.; Rev. Henry W. Hobson, Waterbury, Ct.; C. M. Giles, Cambridge, Mass.; Miss Sophie Norris, Philadelphia.

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